IT Operations Management

Outsource all or part of your daily systems monitoring & maintenance to our experts

Fully managed IT helps small companies run smoothly

Navious Technologies is what’s commonly known as an MSP, which stands for Managed Services Provider. Our brand of managed services is called “IT Operations Management,” because we’ll learn about your operations before designing a plan to expertly manage your systems and security day to day.

And managing your systems and security isn’t simply about technology. What we really provide are business solutions that are based on your processes, procedures, and customers’ requirements. Our IT Operations Management service gives you all-inclusive network optimization so your employees can work productively and securely at all hours of the day.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure, you’ll get…

Planning & Assessments

We’ll help align IT investments with business needs

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Procurement & Deployment

Enjoy our purchasing, design, and installation expertise

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Data Security & Compliance

We have 20+ years with HIPAA, PCI, and FERPA compliance

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Budgeting & Refresh

Guidance for hardware refreshes and how much to spend

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How will an IT Operations Management plan help your employees work more productively?

By providing 24/7 monitoring and maintenance that ensure your entire IT infrastructure is optimized for peak performance.

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IT Operations Management is Navious Technologies’ version of “managed services”

It’s a solution that will allow you to focus on things more important than office technology.

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