Budgeting & Refresh

We provide guidance for hardware and software life cycle management

As your IT ages, you must determine its projected life span, possible replacements, and how much to spend. But without proper guidance, you might end up waiting too long, experiencing IT problems, and allocating too much (or not enough) to the IT budget. Navious’s veteran consultants will assist you with determining when you need to replace aging software and hardware, what to replace them with, and how to effectively balance your IT budget.


  • Seasoned consultants with deep knowledge of the current IT available
  • Accurate life cycle determinations so you’re never left with obsolete tech
  • Careful budgeting tailored to maximize your resources


  • Peace of mind from knowing your IT budget is in experienced hands
  • Up-to-date IT that doesn’t break the bank
  • Detailed reports that keep you in the loop about the status of your IT and budget

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