Network Planning & Design

We’ll make sure your office network is fast and reliable, and your cabling is organized and cost-efficient

If you’re planning on opening a new workspace or remodeling an existing one, you want your network to be designed and implemented correctly the first time, or you’ll be in for expensive problems later. Navious’s network planning specialists will analyze your workspace and design a LAN, WAN, WiFi, or hybrid network that provides maximum uptime and fast connection speeds. We’ll also ensure that your cabling is unobtrusive and arranged for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Network planning services tailored to your business and your space
  • Expert consultants with decades of network-building experience
  • A LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, or hybrid network depending on your needs


  • Fast internet speeds for higher productivity
  • A reliable network that isn’t constantly crashing or dropping connections
  • Reduced costs from energy-efficient design and layout

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