VoIP Phone Systems

We’ll help your employees communicate better with each other and with customers, and save you money while doing it

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a system that uses your internet connection instead of traditional phone lines to deliver voice communication. But VoIP can do much more, including video conferencing, call forwarding to any device, and voice-to-email conversion. There are a lot of options out there, so Navious will be there to help you find the best VoIP phone systems for your business. You’ll be able to meet your communication needs without overpaying the phone company.


  • Compatibility with any internet-enabled device and traditional phone handsets
  • Multi-user video conferencing, call center software integrations, and other VoIP-only features
  • No need to purchase or install any additional equipment or hardware


  • High-fidelity audio and video delivered via high-speed internet
  • Improved workforce mobility, communication, and collaboration
  • Enhanced customer experiences thanks to advanced call center integrations

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